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How to Solve Unknown Filesystem Type NTFS On Linux?

unknown filesystem type ntfs

By default, the file format used by Windows OS is NTFS. Based on that many people format their USB flash disk using this file format. If we insert this USB Flash disk into the Linux OS server, then sometimes there is an error like the one below when mounting to the /root/sysadmin folder:

mount: /root/sysadmin: unknown filesystem type 'ntfs'.

Error when mounting USB Flash disk



How to solve unknown filesystem type NTFS on Linux?



In the previous article, we explained how to format and mount an external device on Linux. If our USB flash disk or external HDD uses the NTFS file system, sometimes there are some Linux distros that cannot recognize the file system so an error will appear as shown in the image above when mounting. Therefore, we have to install the package below so that the Linux distro can recognize the NTFS file system:

RedHat distribution (CentOS, AlmaLinux, RockyLinux)

yum install epel-release
yum install ntfs-3g



apt-get install ntfs-3g



zypper install ntfs-3g


Do the mounting again and it should mount the external device as shown in the image below:

Mount USB Flash disk after installing the package



I’ve tried 4 Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE, and RockyLinux), there are 2 distros that support NTFS by default, namely Ubuntu and OpenSUSE. While the other 2 distros must first install the above packages in order to support NTFS.



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