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How to Access The Remote Console Feature On An Enterprise Server?

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By default, there is a tool on enterprise servers that helps system administrators to control and monitor servers from a remote location that a browser can open. Server vendors have widely used this feature, but the tool’s name is different for each vendor. For example, Huawei calls it iBMC or intelligent Baseboard Management Controller, Dell calls it iDRAC or Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller, and Hewlett Packard (HP) calls it iLO or Integrated Lights-Out. In this tool, there is a remote console feature to remotely access the server operating system, making it easier for sysadmins to enter the operating system on their server directly.



How to access the remote console feature on an enterprise server?



To access the remote console feature on the server, we must first access the iBMC, iLO, or IDARC tools in the browser by entering the username and password. After entering the tool, select the Remote Console section of the tool. You can access Remote consoles using the Java Integrated Remote Console (Java IRC) therefore on your laptop you must first download the java jre application which can be downloaded from here. If your PC/laptop uses a Linux GUI, then download java using the following command:


sudo apt update
sudo apt install default-jdk
sudo apt install icedtea*



zypper install java
zypper install icedtea*


RedHat Based (CentOS, AlmaLinux, RockyLinux)

yum install epel-release
yum install java java-devel
yum install icedtea*


For the RedHat-based distro, the above command can only be run if we use RedHat Based version 8 or below because Java web start has been deprecated and I don’t know – until this writing is made – for the solution.

A. HP servers

If your laptop uses Windows, then open the Control Panel and double-click the java application below:

Open the Java application on Control Panel

Then click the Security tab as shown below:

Click the Security tab

Change the security level to High and, if needed, click the Edit Site List button and enter the IP of the iLO. Then click the Advanced tab as shown in the image below

Change on the Advanced tab

Check all TLS versions and after that click OK. After that click Remote Console (I use iLO4) on the HP server and click Web Start like the below image:

Click the Remote Console button

then there will download the jnlp or Java Network Launching Protocol file.

Download the jnlp file

Open the file, you will see a screen like the image below:

Click the Continue button

Click the Continue button, the following screen will appear:

Wait until finish

Wait for it to finish, then the screen below will appear:

The pop-up appears

Click on the I accept the risk and want to run this application and then click the Run button then there will be a display as follows:

Accessing the operating system from iLO

and you can access the operating system on the server. If your PC/laptop uses Linux then when we click the Web Start button on iLO there will be a jnlp file download process. Once done, type the command below and make sure we execute it in the folder where the jnlp file is located:

javaws file.jnlp

and you should be able to access the server operating system.

B. Huawei servers

If you are using a Huawei server, then click the Remote Virtual Console button and we should immediately see the appearance of the operating server on that server.

Click the Remote Virtual Console

If it turns out that it only looks like a white page like in the image below:

A white blank screen appears

then you have to configure the java application on your laptop. If you are using Windows, then open the Control Panel, then go to the Security tab and change the level to High and click the Edit Site List button and enter the iBMC IP.

Click the Security tab

After that click OK and restart the browser. After that, try clicking Remote Virtual Console again and you should be able to access the operating system. If it still doesn’t work, then try downgrading the java version that we installed earlier. If we are using Java 8, then try downgrading to Java 7 or Java 6.



1. In the latest version of iLO or iBMC, besides providing the Java Integrated Remote Console (Java IRC), this tool also provides the HTML5 Integrated Remote Console feature so that we no longer need to install java applications on our laptops to access remote features.

The HTML5 Integrated Remote Console feature

2. The physical port on the server that is used to access the tool (commonly called port management) differs from other physical network ports, as shown below:

iLO port vs Network port

So you can give a unique IP address with the IP address for the network server. If something happens to the network server, you can directly access your server operating system using that port.



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